HomeSchoolClerk Reporting Software


There are four main sections in the HomeSchoolClerk Reporting Software that coorespond to the four main reporting requirements for New York State.

The Letter Of Intent, the IHIP, the Quarterly Reports and the Annual Assessment Report.


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Startup Screen:

When the HomeSchoolClerk starts for the very first time you will be asked to enter your name & address.  This will be saved and used to print your forms.



Student Information:

Then you'll enter your student information.  Like the Startup Screen this one-time entry will help speed up creating the forms.


Letter Of Intent:

The Letter Of Intent is probably the easiest form to create.  On this screen you can leave all your students selected and click on the Print button.  This will create one Letter Of Intent for all your students.  You also have the option to create a Letter Of Intent for each student individually.


The Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP)

The IHIP is really the starting point to define your curriculum for each student.  There are several helpful shortcuts to speed up this often tedious process.  You can choose from a list of curriculum providers which will pre-fill the subjects and material (available for grades K-8).  If your curriculum is not listed you can choose the default or copy other student's IHIPs from the current year or even previous years.  You will also select the four dates to report your quarterly reports and then you are ready to print.


IHP Screen using Grid layout


IHIP using Per-Subject layout


Report Sample:  IHIP


The Quarterly Reports

You use this screen to print the Quarterly Reports that are due to the school district.  Most of the information will be carried forward from the IHIP and can be changed to add details on what was covered for that quarter.  Then enter the grades, print the form and mail it in.


Quarter Report Screen using Grid layout


Quarter Report Screen using Per-Subject layout


Report Sample:  Quarterly Report



Student Report Card Screen


Report Sample:  Report Card


The End of Year Reporting

This may be another simple form to create but depending on your style you may choose to supply a lot of information on your students' year-end evaluation.  This screen was designed to allow for both.  We supply a free form area to type or copy/paste what ever information you would like to report to the school district.  This screen also has an Auto-Evaluation that generates sample text that you can use as a starting point for each student year-end evaluation.